More Than Just a Parade…

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Published on May 21, 2020

More Than Just a Parade…

This weekend, there will be probably be no small-town parades to commemorate Memorial Day. In my hometown, the parade was so short that you can stand in certain locations and see the same parade twice.

If you have yet to have the experience this slice of America, I recommend that you put this special event on your bucket list. You will see smiling faces, kids with flags and a real sense of community and that’ just the folks lining the streets. Here’s what you can expect to see marching in just about every parade: elected officials, police and local dignitaries, all Brownies and Cub scouts always, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sometimes. Expect to see all kids in local team sports in full uniform especially Little League teams, school bands, cheerleaders, twirlers and color guards. Every parades ends with the entire fleet of fire engines- horns blazing.

In Southport, Oak Island and St James there are parades throughout the yard, every one will make you smile and be glad that you came.


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